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Sports & Spinal Physiotherapy Centres are dedicated physiotherapy clinics specialising in the diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal disorders and sports injuries. Let us maximise your recovery, we care about your quality of life, give us a call and we will take care of you.

When you experience pain, it is often your bodyís reminder you are taking it for granted. Pain is a sign of damage, and when caused by an accident is easy to diagnose. But more often it is the result of something far less obvious.

At Sports & Spinal we treat a wide range of problems from chronic neck and back pain to acute sports injuries, and use our expertise to identify the underlying cause of your pain, from poor workplace ergonomics to inadequate running shoes.

The treatment is aimed to take you from pain relief, through to rehabilitation, and on to injury prevention. To maximise the patientís recovery our treatment approach is based around manual therapy and exercise based rehabilitation.

Our priority is to return you to a level of activity you are happy with, be it running a marathon or just getting through the day without pain.
Wellington Street Branch:
(852) 2530 0073
(852) 2530 2797
Jardine House Branch:
(852) 2715 4577
(852) 2716 4577
Stanley Street Branch SPOT:
(852) 2544 5838
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